Turn Me On: 100 Easy Ways to Use Solar Energy

Solar power in crisis: 'My panels generate enough power for two loads of washing'
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Most certainly. Prices vary according to size and location — try our quick solar quote tool to determine the cost. Learn more about feed in tariffs here. That entirely depends on your energy usage and your geographical location. Any size grid connect solar power system will reduce your yearly power consumption and your power bill. To make the most of solar power, the key is to implement simple energy efficiency strategies. It is easy to conserve energy by using appropriate lighting and efficient appliances.

Turn me on : 100 easy ways to use solar energy

Running high power appliances such as electric bar heaters, electric hot water systems and air conditioners etc. Instead of considering a very large solar system; you can also invest in energy efficient heaters, solar hot water and design features such as strategically placed vents or insulation to avoid heat entering the house in the first place.

Several aspects will need to be evaluated to determine if your home is a good solar site, such as orientation, space available, shadows on the space available and your current electricity usage. The best site will be one with adequate north-facing roofs that have no shade. Variations on that will cut into the productivity of the system. The life of Solar modules that have been tested in the field showing small reductions in power output after 20 years, mostly because the glass surface becomes a bit dull and reflects more light.

Additional costs may accrue for a flat or tiled roof or for any equipment upgrades and extended warranties. You can get additional solar panels at any time to increase generating capability but you might have to upgrade to a larger inverter. Alternatively you could purchase a larger inverter when installing the system initially and then plan to add some extra solar panels later. As the Energy Matters systems are designed to Australian Standards, the reliability of components and consistency of power supply will be more than adequate for the loads specified.

An assessment from the International Energy Agency concluded in mid that roof-top solar PV systems recover their energy content from manufacturing and recycling within 1. Once they have reimbursed their initial energy input, roof-top PV systems can avoid the emission of 40 tonnes of CO2. Thia depends on their location and on the local electricity mix available.

Roof-top PV systems in Australia during their 30 year lifespan can expect to produce around 17 times the amount of energy needed for manufacture, installation and dismantling.

General grid connect solar power FAQ

The heart of a photovoltaic solar power system is the solar array. Made up of multiple panels individually measuring roughly 1 by 1. The array mounts on a frame that allows the panels to be secure with minimal interference with the waterproofing and structure of the roof.

A cable runs down from the array to the inverter. The inverter is a device that efficiently converts the widely fluctuating power from the solar array into a predictable and usable energy feed.

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This creates a continuous and dynamic system for the contribution of solar energy to your house. The inverter also acts as a simple data logger. How would that work with solar panels covering them? Or would the panels naturally protect them from wear? Thank you. Your email address will not be published.

Enter your zip code to find out what typical solar installations cost in your neighborhood. The cost of solar is dropping across the nation.

Carbon emissions and climate change

See prices in your area and get free solar quotes on the EnergySage Marketplace. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. See solar prices near you.

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Getting around powered by the sun. Finding the latest and greatest solar products.

Find out what solar costs in your area in 12222

Helping the planet by supporting solar-focused businesses and organizations. Turn Me On offers inspirational information and ideas for: Using passive and active solar energy to power and heat your home. Saving money on electricity and gas bills by converting to solar. Store Description Book Depository is an international bookseller.