The Toy Taker (DI Sean Corrigan, Book 3)

The Toy Taker (DI Sean Corrigan, Book 3) by Luke Delaney (Paperback, 2014)
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Cold Killing Luke Delaney Author Redemption of the Dead Luke Delaney Author The Network D.

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The Keeper D. The Toy Taker D. The Rain Killer D.

The Toy Taker

An Imperfect Killing D. Redemption of the Dead D. Cold Killing D. Sean Corrigan Crime Series The Toy Taker, Part 2, The Toy Taker, Part 3, The Toy Taker, Part 4, Wenn ihr schlaft Luke Delaney Author Dr.

Holger Hanowell Translator Creators Luke Delaney. The victims that they have killed seem to have absolutely no easy to identify link among them. Not one of them has something that appears to be in common with the other, making it even more difficult for Corrigan or the authorities to figure out what the killer is doing and who they are while they are at it.

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Who knows who the killer will strike next while they are at large and how many will be dead before it is over? Corrigan believes that all of these people were killed by the same person, but he has to prove it. Corrigan knows that he must find the evidence that they cannot seem to discover.


But he must hurry up before the killer starts to figure out that he is on the trail and decides to get rid of any loose ends that could lead to identification and being caught. Pick up this thrilling and fast-paced book to find out!

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The Keeper is the second book in this exciting series about the tough detective. This time, he means business.

He can see what exists in people that drives them to offend, from arson to rape to torture and murder. He also strongly suspects that the murderer already has a target in mind.

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Corrigan must use his past to see what and why the killer is doing what they are doing. Like it or not, his gift must help him out on this one and help him stop the murderer.

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It seems that the killer is also taking women captive after he kidnaps him and it is a pattern. Pick up this exciting thriller from Luke Delaney to find out for yourself! If you see one missing just send me an e-mail below. Book s.

Luke Delaney

The guy is a master! More Details. View Results. Luke Delaney Books In Order.

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