The Republican Army in the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939

Spanish Civil War
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On the afternoon of July 17, the plan for the next morning was discovered in the Moroccan town of Melilla, and the rebels were forced into premature action. The Soviet Union , profiting from the international isolation of the Spanish Republic imposed by the Non-intervention agreements , assisted the beleaguered Republican government chiefly by providing weapons. The Nationalists also tried to combat Basque and Catalan nationalism, which was perceived as a threat to national unity. Anarchists and other radicals often took out their anger against the Catholic clergy, whom they saw as an obstacle to major reform. A smaller number of foreign recruits joined Franco's forces. The political commissars; 9. Reorganisation;

The war was one of the hardest Spain has ever faced. After the Nationalist victory , a dictatorship ruled the country for almost 40 years, from to , when the Spanish dictator Francisco Franco died. The only support Spain sent to Germany was a small group of volunteers.

Spanish Civil War (1930-1939)

Spain suffered continuous international isolation during the entire Franco dictatorship, but it weakened over the years. The Spanish dictator wanted the country to be recognized by the international community, and little by little the people began to see certain improvements in their social life.

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In the s, Spain was accepted as a member of the United Nations. Then in , Franco appointed Prince Juan Carlos as his successor.

The country has been a constitutional monarchy ever since. Login Register.

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The right-wing nationalists staged a coup because they disagreed with the left-wing policy of the republicans. The nationalists won the war and it led to the foundation of a military dictatorship led by General Francisco Franco. Around , people were killed in this war.

The Americans who fought in the Spanish Civil War.

"This book by Professor Michael Alpert is probably the most exhaustive study of the Popular Army of all those completed until now his analysis of the overall. PDF | On Jun 1, , George Esenwein and others published The Republican Army in the Spanish Civil War, – By Michael Alpert.

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The Spanish Civil War, 80 years after

Concentration Camp Gurs Gurs - Aquitaine. Camp Cemetery Gurs Gurs - Aquitaine.

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Camp Rivesaltes Rivesaltes - Languedoc-Roussillon. Historical Museum Catalonia Barcelona - Catalunya.

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