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Davis states, "Teaching is much harder and with far less compensation than when I was a market manager for Cellular One managing thirteen counties. So be careful to think your experience is that of everyone. Davis states, "When a teacher gets excited, the classroom gets excited. And when others notice, study and pay attention to teachers, they get excited. On Twitter coolcatteacher and Facebook. Scott McLeod, McLeod is one of the most visible education professors in the United States due to his social media presence. McLeod's work focuses on the intersection of two rarely connected scholarly worlds: P school leadership and digital technologies.

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Chapters titles are as follows: (1) How We Got Here; (2) The Role of Entrepreneurship in Education; (3) The Traditional versus the Entrepreneurial Educational. The purpose of this study was to examine the entrepreneurial orientation reflected in the experiences of seasoned entrepreneurial educators as they reflect on.

He's written over articles and is one of the most visible education professors in the United States due to his social media presence. He was one of the co-creators of the wildly popular video series, Did You Know? Shift Happens , and has received numerous awards for his technology leadership work. He blogs regularly at Dangerously Irrelevant. CASTLE has served as a national focal point over the past decade for leadership issues related to P school technology. McLeod is on a mission to help schools be less boring and more relevant.

McLeod claims, "The world outside of schools is changing much faster than the world inside of schools. This innovation gap will be the defining story of P schools over the next few decades. We need our learning spaces to focus more on deeper learning, greater student agency, more authentic work, and rich technology infusion.

He continues, "Through my writing and online spaces, I try to share my own thinking and resources - and those of others - in order to help school leaders and policymakers think differently about and act upon these needed transformations.

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McLeod's advice for potential edupreneurs: Be authentic and create more value than you consume. Any educator can be an edupreneur. We now have numerous examples of classroom educators, principals, media specialists, technology integrationists, and other educators who have initiated innovations within their local classrooms, building, or school systems. By sharing their work publicly, they have found a multitude of ways to share and scale that work through blogs, Twitter, and other social media channels.

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Some of those innovations have even resulted in published books, commercial products, or full-blown companies. These educators are models for the rest of us. If the desire and sweat equity are both there, amazing things are possible. Find your network. The people who care about and are interested in furthering your initiative are out there. Social media makes it fairly easy to find them.

Once you are a trusted voice and a valued contributor to relevant communities, then you can start leveraging those connections and shared idea spaces to move forward. On Twitter mcleod and dangerouslyirrelevant. Will Richardson spent 21 years as a high school English teacher in a public school, and he was also a technology administrator for three years.

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Today, you will find Richardson at Change School. At Change School, they want to build the capacity of every educational leader around the world to imagine, design and implement a process for profound, relevant, sustainable change in their schools and communities. They seek to do that through a powerful combination of coaching and community both driven by personal inquiry and passion. Richardson states, "Discussions around change become more effective when participants share a common language around learning, an understanding of the new technological and global contexts which impact the work of schools, and a community of support and care that reduces the sense of isolation that many leaders currently feel.

Through his work, Richardson is getting thousands of educators to consider the constructionist aspects of Web technologies in their classrooms. Getting people to think about why there is an obvious gap between what they believe around learning and what they do in schools. And, they're pushing the school change conversation to a higher level, infusing it with an urgency that is built both on common sense and a deep understanding of how the Web and other technologies are fundamentally challenging traditional systems, structures, practices, and mindsets about school.

Their work focuses on moving existing, traditional schools to a different place, not on building new schools that are different. Thus, you have the opportunity to lend a hand and contribute to bringing your dream school to life, and making it grow in harmony. We strongly believe that everyone can make a difference in the life of students of all age. Working alone is no longer the solution. Each contribution is fundamental, and each person in a school-community can become an engaged educator. The ECS suggests that everyone work together, thus creating an educational community.

It is entirely possible, we are indeed convinced. Yet, many among us find themselves in a blind alley when time comes to suggest a way to rebuild education, that is to re-structure the overall organisation in order to better intervene and contribute to a greater success in school.

The Entrepreneurial Educator: Huey Lewis on Becoming an Entrepreneur

A new and open vision is essential. And to share its vision and responsibility. It is no secret for anyone. The real transforming power finds itself in each classroom and within teachers. They are the cornerstone of true changes that modify, renew and transform.

Their vision, understanding and desire are absolutely crucial to the success of changes that will improve the chances of youth succeeding in school and in life. They hold in their hands, on a daily basis, the future of communities and societies. The school direction is the orchestra master of this great mission for which the ECS works.

It leads while loving and supporting the entire school and partner community with conviction and determination. It happens at certain occasions that people try to explain to you why your IDEA is impossible to achieve. These people surrounding you might be right, but often they forget that you are unique.

There is an extraordinary potential in each of you, together with strengths that only you can discover. They will allow you to blossom and thrive. In addition to running CWC Pliers and pursuing his career as an electrician, Clifton also runs another business with his mother. Crystal learned some hard truths about close friends and was floored by the sheer scope of rape crime during her research for a school paper.

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Something inside of her was called to action and Guardian Locket was the result. She was determined to not see someone else become a victim of rape. Shami was inspired to pursue fashion in when her father brought her local fabrics as a gift from his recent trip to Uganda. The fashion line, Shami Oshun, was soon born. The beautiful fabric sparked a love of fashion and design that has brought us the savvy entrepreneur we know today.

She decided to make her own prom dress while posting the entire process on Twitter. The story went viral with thousands of views resulting in articles on Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, and Teen Vogue. While in high school, Kyle helped found three businesses featured on prominent news sources, helping him become the first in his family to attend college. Kyle is also a Forbes. Steloni has been surrounded by entrepreneurs since a young age. Exposure to business owners and her own experience as a young actress and model taught her to pay attention to the skills she was learning and use them to market herself.