The Apocalyptic Literature: Interpreting Biblical Texts Series

THEO 343 - Apocalyptic Literature : Commentaries
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Apocalyptic literature

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The Apocalyptic Literature by Stephen L. Cook

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II. History of interpretation, tendencies in current research, and bibliographies

The Apocalyptic Literature: Interpreting Biblical Texts Series [Stephen L. Cook] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Biblical texts create worlds. The Apocalyptic Literature: Interpreting Biblical Texts Series - Kindle edition by Stephen L. Cook. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC.

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These tend to be focused in one of two directions. Publication Date: 15 Apr By: Mathias Nygaard. Publication Date: 19 Oct The most famous and influential of the early Jewish apocalypses is the last part of the biblical Book of Daniel chapters 7—12 , written about bce and attributed to a revered wise man who supposedly lived some four centuries earlier at the time of the Babylonian captivity. By: Jonathan ok Dyck. Collins b , McGinn , and Stein survey apocalypticism from ancient times to the present, while Himmelfarb surveys Jewish and Christian apocalypses into the Byzantine era.

Richard J Clifford. Richard D Nelson.

Donald Senior. Donald Juel.

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R Alan Culpepper. Charles B Cousar. Beverly Roberts Gaventa. Before one can actually engage these texts, it is necessary to be fully prepared for what you will find, and the type of language used such as similes, metaphors, metonomy, hypocatastasis, and synecdoche.

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While some of these are certainly what can be labeled as million dollar theological terms, Taylor does an excellent job of explaining and providing examples of how they work in context. Without a proper grasp of how and why such types of language are used in apocalyptic literature, one can fall prey to the dangerous ground of faulty interpretations and wild speculations that unfortunately so often surround efforts geared at understanding this genre.

To help the reader, Taylor provides a great list of resources on matters such as understanding biblical languages, Bible study software, lexical and grammatical guides, and primary source material. To be honest, many of these resources should not be found solely in the libraries of those in seminary.

Even the average laymen should take note and use these tools, especially when studying apocalyptic literature. Finally, after properly preparing the reader with outstanding foundational information, he engages how to interpret this genre and importantly, how to proclaim the gospel message found within its pages. It is one thing to study and absorb what God has revealed in the apocalyptic genre.

The Apocalyptic Literature Interpreting Biblical Texts Series