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What is there to prove? For one thing, that the Navier-Stokes equations will always behave nicely. That is, given any initial state of the fluid, mathematicians want to be able to prove that the equations will never lead to a nonsensical result. You might imagine a scenario in which all those swirls and whorls conspire to concentrate all their energy at a particular point in the fluid, and in doing so accelerate the flow at that point to infinite velocity.

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Turbulence is everywhere, yet it is one of the most difficult concepts for physicists to understand. Qais Sarhan for Quanta Magazine.

Interface Instability and Turbulent Mixing

Persistent showers and storms in this area leads pilots to regularly expect rough rides. Oct 27, Book Him Danno rated it really liked it. Oct 05, Maria added it Shelves: netgalley. While a paper published in in the journal Nature Climate Change said there was a causal link between the two, Dr. Fortunately these storms are visible both to the naked eye and show up very well on weather radars'.

The Quanta Newsletter Get highlights of the most important news delivered to your email inbox. Pattern formation in low Reynolds number plane Couette flow. Duguet, P. Schlatter, D. Quasi-stationary and chaotic convection in low rotating spherical shells. Linear stability of 2D rough channels. Transient turbulent bursting in enclosed flows. Hochstrate, M. Avila, J. Abshagen, G. Shear instabilities in Taylor-Couette flow. Meseguer, F.


Mellibovsky, F. Marques, M. Holzner, M. Kinzel, A. Liberzon, A. Experimental study of coherent structures in turbulent pipe flow. Forced localized turbulence in pipe flows. From localized to expanding turbulence.

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Influence of test-rigs on the laminar-to-turbulent transition of pipe flows. Interaction of turbulent spots in pipe flow. Large-scale transitional dynamics in pipe flow.

A pilot explains turbulence | Hacker News

Mellibovsky, A. Meseguer, T. Schneider, B.

Nonlinear coherent structures in a square duct. Quantitative measurement of the life time of turbulence in pipe flow.

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Experimental investigation of turbulent patch evolution in spatially steady boundary layers. Interaction of noise disturbances and streamwise streaks. Linear generation of multiple time scales by 3D unstable perturbations.

Scarsoglio, D. Tordella, W. Convection at very high Rayleigh number: signature of transition from a micro-thermometer inside the flow. Salort, F. Gauthier, B. Chabaud, O. Bourgeois, J. Garden, R. Estimating local instabilities for irregular flows in the differentially heated rotating annulus.

Harlander, R. Faulwetter, K.

30 injured after severe turbulence tosses passengers on US flight

Alexandrov, C. Bodenschatz, D. Funfschilling, G. Rayleigh—Taylor instability in two dimensions and phase-field method. Celani, A.

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Mazzino, P. Muratore-Ginnaneschi, L. Split energy cascade in quasi-2D turbulence. Stabililty and laminarisation of turbulent rotating channel flow. Wallin, O. Grundestam, A.