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The initially happiest participants had a lower heart rate on follow-up about six beats slower per minute , and the happiest participants during the follow-up had better blood pressure. Research has also uncovered a link between happiness and another measure of heart health: heart rate variability, which refers to the time interval between heartbeats and is associated with risk for various diseases.

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Health & Happiness is devoted to creating, handmaking & sourcing Pure ~ Natural ~ Organic products to help you create a harmonious, nourishing & healthy life. The relatively new field of positive psychology is exploring the factors that contribute to emotional resilience, happiness, and health, among other life-affirming topics, and what we now know for certain about these topics can help us all live healthier, more meaningful lives.

In a study , researchers monitored 76 patients suspected to have coronary artery disease. Was happiness linked to healthier hearts even among people who might have heart problems?

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It seemed so: The participants who rated themselves as happiest on the day their hearts were tested had a healthier pattern of heart rate variability on that day. Over time, these effects can add up to serious differences in heart health. In a study , researchers invited nearly 2, Canadians into the lab to talk about their anger and stress at work.

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Observers rated them on a scale of one to five for the extent to which they expressed positive emotions like joy, happiness, excitement, enthusiasm, and contentment. Ten years later, the researchers checked in with the participants to see how they were doing—and it turned out that the happier ones were less likely to have developed coronary heart disease. In fact, for each one-point increase in positive emotions they had expressed, their heart disease risk was 22 percent lower.

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Do you know a grumpy person who always seems to be getting sick? That may be no coincidence: Research is now finding a link between happiness and a stronger immune system. Before exposure, researchers called them six times in two weeks and asked how much they had experienced nine positive emotions—such as feeling energetic, pleased, and calm—that day. After five days in quarantine, the participants with the most positive emotions were less likely to have developed a cold.

Some of the same researchers wanted to investigate why happier people might be less susceptible to sickness, so in a study they gave 81 graduate students the hepatitis B vaccine. After receiving the first two doses, participants rated themselves on those same nine positive emotions. The ones who were high in positive emotion were nearly twice as likely to have a high antibody response to the vaccine—a sign of a robust immune system. Instead of merely affecting symptoms, happiness seemed to be literally working on a cellular level.

A much earlier experiment found that immune system activity in the same individual goes up and down depending on their happiness. For two months, 30 male dental students took pills containing a harmless blood protein from rabbits, which causes an immune response in humans. They also rated whether they had experienced various positive moods that day.

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On days when they were happier, participants had a better immune response, as measured by the presence of an antibody in their saliva that defends against foreign substances. Stress is not only upsetting on a psychological level but also triggers biological changes in our hormones and blood pressure. Happiness seems to temper these effects, or at least help us recover more quickly. In the study mentioned above, where participants rated their happiness more than 30 times in a day, researchers also found associations between happiness and stress.

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The happiest participants had 23 percent lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol than the least happy, and another indicator of stress—the level of a blood-clotting protein that increases after stress—was 12 times lower. Happiness also seems to carry benefits even when stress is inevitable.

In a study , some diabolically cruel researchers decided to stress out psychology students and see how they reacted. Eczema affects quality of life, with mental health, social functioning and emotional functioning seemingly more affected than physical functioning. Our team of close collaborators and partners are constantly participating in presentations, debates and forums dedicated to well-being, working to advance the agenda of happiness for all patients and to engage with key organizations around the world. Watch Talk at Google.

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Read more. It often seems impossible to find even a few moments to reflect, to exercise, to rejuvenate Some researchers argue that all of these benefits result merely from selectivity: the likelihood that already healthy individuals are selected into marriage. I agree. Spending time outdoors, especially in green spaces, is one of the fastest ways to improve your health and happiness. The Journal of Nutrition Bone, body weight, and weight reduction: what are the concerns? Watch Talk at Google.

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