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Gliderports are still a friendly grassroots type of aviation. We welcome the public to our field and there are no fences or trespassing signs that would discourage the casual visitors. In simpler times, anyone who had visited the field and expressed an interest in a flight would be invited to occupy an otherwise empty seat in the training gliders. A member with a private, commercial, or instructor rating waiting a turn for an aero tow launch would welcome the passenger to the glider for a ride.

Now, we have a process a little more formal for the new guest intro rides. The guest becomes a temporary member of the SSA and our club and receives an introductory flight with an instructor. Our regular club members are still allowed to have friends and family members share flights with the pilot in the club two-seaters.

Hang glider video shows passenger holding on for dear life after pilot fails to strap him in

Most of the people who visit our glider field can fall into a few different categories, and each category has different backgrounds and expectations. They want to appear supportive but may not really be happy about riding in a motorless plane. They can tell everyone they flew in a glider once and the first flight is often also the last flight they will have.

Next, we have the experience junkie guests. They like new experiences and are sort of window shopping for something they might like.

Questions that are often asked about gliding

They have tried motorcycles, skiing, white water rafting, maybe skydiving, and maybe flying will be the thing. And lastly, we have the guests who have always wanted to become pilots, have done some research, and are finally at a place in life where they have the time and resources to become pilots themselves.

Passenger to Pilot

None of the above makes much of a difference if I am going to be giving a guest a glider ride. I will ask the guest a few questions to gauge their interest in the sport and will answer their questions. I will do a walk around pre-flight inspection with the guest and explain what they will be seeing, hearing, and feeling during a flight.


Buy Gliding: From passenger to pilot 2nd Second Edition, Second ed. by Steve Longland (ISBN: ) from Amazon's Book Store. Everyday low. Gliding is for everyone who has ever dreamt of riding the air currents with the view stretching to the horizon, and with barely a sound to disturb the moment.

Weight and balance limits will be checked. Ballast weights adjusted as needed.

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There will be a brief about how the controls and instruments work, what they can touch and what they need to stay clear from, how to get in and out of the cockpit and how to fasten the safety belts, un-fasten the belts, and how to open and close the canopy. I will turn the radio and audio variometer on and explain what the sound is and why we like the climb tone.

I will explain the use of checklists and why we use them. In all, the guest will receive a legal and helpful passenger brief as the glider is staged and waiting for the aerotow.

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The passenger guest may be seated in either the front or rear seat of the tandem glider; it just depends on weights and which view the guest wants. This is why gliders are a little different from general aviation. Email icon An envelope. It indicates the ability to send an email.

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A US tourist had a close call when he went hang gliding in Switzerland. Chris Gursky was trying the air sport for the first time when things went disastrously wrong.

Passenger Carrying

At the end of the flight, there may be a high speed final glide to the airport pattern and then a standard landing pattern and roll-out. Unlike power flying or driving a car, there is no formal license issued to glider pilots. Sign in. Using thermals, this is about 8 hours. No one could help. When a new member joins the club, whether he is already a qualified power pilot or has never flown before, he is evaluated by our all-volunteer team of instructors. They will become upset in turning flight and feeling G, and a stomach upset may soon follow.

Gursky and his pilot launched off from a Swiss mountain — but Gursky wasn't attached to the glider. Gursky held on for about two minutes as the pilot grappled with the glider with one hand and held on to his passenger with the other. The pilot managed to make an emergency landing and Gursky survived the experience with nothing more than a broken wrist and torn bicep.

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Gliding: From Passenger to Pilot. Steve Longland. Publisher: The Crowood Press Ltd , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available.

Gliding - From Passenger to Pilot - Second Edition by Steve Longland,

View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis About this title Unusual book "synopsis" may belong to another edition of this title. Review : Gliding is for everyone who has ever dreamt of riding the air currents with the view stretching to the horizon, and with barely a sound to disturb the moment. A History of the sport from early experiments to post-war sporting gliders An introduction to gliding clubs, getting started and what to expect An explanation of how gliders fly, and their controls and instruments Sections on learning each stage of flight, safety and weather Ideas for post-solo progress, including cross-country and competitive flying.