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What are some of the maxims that Angelou remembers hearing from Momma and Mother? Did any of these maxims strike a particular chord with you? How does Angelou describe her molestation and later her rape at the hands of Mr.

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Were you surprised by her emotions? Why or why not? Can you think of other examples of naming and renaming in the book?

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Does this change over the course of the novel? Cullinan and the sheriff, and Northern whites such as the employees of the Market Street Railway Company? Do you think that Marguerite is more powerfully affected by her own interactions or by the interactions she observes? Can you think of some examples of class distinctions or inversions in the novel?

What are some of the communities that welcome Marguerite during her childhood? Which communities nurture her successfully?

Which are less successful? How does Angelou describe her education, both formal and informal? What lessons does she learn from those around her? Do you think that this is true of all cultures? She stops speaking to everyone but Bailey, and the children eventually return to Stamps to live with their grandmother. They remain in Stamps until Angelou is thirteen years old. As a teenager, Angelou moves to San Francisco to live with her mother, spends time with a group of homeless teenagers in a junkyard, fights against racist hiring policies in wartime San Francisco, succeeds in graduating from high school, and becomes a mother.

What was the American civil rights movement?

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

What were the goals and methods of people involved in the movement? The following section can be used to get discussions started in your classroom. The Lesson Plan includes blackline masters for students that support the writing prompts.

The writing prompts provided are meant as suggestions only. As students become more comfortable with the Book Club format, they will certainly have ideas and questions that go beyond the prompts. Book Club Reading Logs help students respond to literature and organize ideas as they participate in Book Club. Chapters 1—4 Literary Elements: Setting. Chapters 5—6 Response to Literature: Characterization. Chapters 10—12 Comprehension: Plot and Sequencing.

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Mimosa st-hubert, quebec Jojo Moyes. I got wrapped up in this book from page one and couldn't put it down. Thank you for your support. Miss Calypso. These strong feelings are not resolved until the end of the book, when Maya becomes a mother herself, and her mother finally becomes the nurturing presence for which Maya has longed. They're powerless without her; she's powerless to resist.

Chapters 16—18 Literary Elements: Symbolism. Chapters 19—21 Response to Literature: Confronting Problems. Chapters 22—24 Literary Elements: Imagery. Chapters 25—29 Composition: Personal Letter. Chapters 30—32 Response to Literature: Family Connections. Academy of Achievement — This site includes a detailed biography of Angelou, interview clips, and a photo gallery. Common Sense Media — This review of the book gives it 5 out of 5 stars.

follow See also user reviews and details about the book. Explore the Setting of the Novel Stamps, Arkansas — This page provides current demographic and economic information about Stamps, as well as several maps. Segregation and Desegregation — This article in the Encyclopedia of Arkansas gives an overview of the history of segregation and desegregation in the state, from through the s.

Maps of San Francisco, California — This site offers multiple maps of San Francisco, including maps of neighborhoods and the public transportation system. This TeensHealth article explains the different types of abuse, how to recognize it, and what to do. This article explains why and gives some historical background.

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Big Theme Questions What is the meaning of civil rights? How and why do prejudices against groups of people develop? In what ways are people affected by prejudice and racism? How do people begin to overcome their prejudices? Outline of Lesson Plan Discussion Topics Writing Prompts The following section can be used to get discussions started in your classroom.

Chapters 1—4 Literary Elements: Setting What do you learn about setting the time and place in which events occur in this first reading assignment?


Predict how the setting might relate to the theme of civil rights. Think about how the lives of African Americans are portrayed. So far, which characters do you like, dislike, have trouble understanding, or relate to easily? How does setting seem to affect individual characters in the book?

Chapters 7—9 Literary Elements: Point of View and Voice Describe the unique point of view and voice of the narrator in the book. Support your response with details, words, and phrases.