The Haunting of Josephine

No Haunting, No Story
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Staff will be sharing their own personal stories of haunts in the shop. This event is free for the meet and greet. Personalized psychic readings are Cost for the walking ghost tour is Purchase your tickets online at www. Small town charm brings big time ghosts! Imagine having 3 locations in the same town on the Ghost Tours of Kansas most haunted list in the same year!

The Tulane Hullabaloo

She brought out a depth of feeling that is pretty incredible for a teenager. As an actor, what does this scene mean to you?

Sarah Waters's ten best ghost stories

Times News Platforms. Josephine Decker is fast becoming the new mother of indie cinema. I wonder if anyone considers themselves unhaunted. Missing persons Girl, 14, missing for five days after night out with friends Alex Cochrane's step-mum Nickie Ely says the family will do anything to get her back to Bristol. One of the more intriguing stories about Chester County's local inns is that of the Stottsville Inn on Strasburg Road. Do you intend these gaps and this narrative uncertainty or are they just so many elements at play in realising as much of the strangeness of the world on the page as possible? In fact, it was through a Saturday-afternoon television screening of the film version that I first encountered The Franchise Affair, as a child.

It can be exhausting. Through this, I found that this everyday performance of yourself is forced to fall away. That was a big part of what I wanted to explore in this movie; you get to be really, really real.

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  • Too Hip for Words : There’s No There Here : SIN, By Josephine Hart (Alfred A. Knopf: $20; 176 pp.).

I met Helena in that moment, at this teen arts competition in New Jersey. She did a monologue from the play Blackbird , and it was like the room fell away.

Josephine Lee steps out the shadows for her spooky spell - Semi-Final 3 - Britain’s Got Talent 2017

She was so present, and so real with that character. It was spiritual; she was transcending herself.

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There are some amazing pig masks that play a big part in the film, why did you choose to include them? Enjoyed this article?

She was alone. With Halloween just around corner, Tulane students do not have to go far to experience the spookiness of the season. In fact, some people do not even have to leave their dorm rooms.

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Josephine Louise Hall, the all-girls dorm on campus, is home to its fair share of spooky stories. In , influenza broke out, and Newcomb girls could not escape the pandemic.

The infirmary was overrun, so the third floor of JL served as an extension and housed many sick patients. It is rumored that one or two girls died inside the building during this time.